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Architectural Ceramics

From the first containers, to today's skyscrapers

In this chapter, we collect only some projects of Architectural Ceramics, such as our own Lines of special coatings and other large projects of ceramic elements in architecture:

floors, skirting boards, ceramic projects, high-temperature stoneware murals, special coatings for large buildings... almost impossible projects.

A sample of our trajectory is reflected in projects such as the life-size replica of the Alhambra in the city of Riat , where our company was involved in carrying out various works such as coatings, floors or skirting boards, as well as in the decoration of the trousseau. of the palace with a complete collection of exact replicas of the emblematic VASOS DE LA ALHAMBRA , under the authorship of the artist Miguel Ruiz Jiménez , founder of this group.

Un Mundo en cerámica arquitectónica

From ceramic restorations of the most emblematic historic buildings in Spain, to the most innovative coatings of the world's skyscrapers.

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